Igor Ovchinnikov

Teaching Silicon Valley How to Use Excel Since 2003

My name is Igor Ovchinnikov and I’ve been a software trainer for over 10 years. If you live in San Francisco (like me) or Silicon Valley, you may already have been in some of my classes or seminars...

Especially if you work at Stanford University, or Apple, or Genentech, or Boston Scientific, or Santa Clara Valley Water District, or the City of San Francisco, or some other major (or minor) organization around here in the Bay Area. Fortunately, there are plenty world-class companies around here.

In fact, I’ve done training for many of them over the years because I work as a “freelance” which means...

There is a very good chance that I came to your office to teach a class or two. Maybe it was a one-day, or a two-day training or even up to a five-day seminar where you learned how to manage projects, how to use software like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, FileMaker Pro, Access and so on. You wouldn’t believe how many organizations invited me to help improve a wide variety of skills—software and “soft” skills. 

Well, anyway… Do you remember something like that happening? Yes? Wonderful! I hope that you enjoyed those trainings and that you were pleased with the results—like all of my other clients.

Naturally, if you are looking for a trainer right now—shoot me an email to see if I am available on your preferred dates.

Just use the contact form and let's talk. I usually respond very fast.

What My Clients Say...


I’ve worked with Igor for over 10 years and have always been impressed with his professionalism, his skills as a trainer: patience, subject matter expertise, and clarity...


Stephen Fraga



Igor is a guru. His advanced knowledge of the material and the best practices is evident in all the work he does. It's truly a pleasure to work with him.


Betty Johnson

President, I-to-I


This course is exactly what I was looking for - an instructor-led, self-paced... I've done other online trainings, and this is the best by far.


Christina Mason

Project Manager

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